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For the Love of the Game

Alma Mater partners with Sneakersnstuff in NYC, LA, and Online

I have always been a fan of genuine stories and always feel good when good people succeed in meaningful tales.

Eric and Peter started Sneakersnstuff (SNS) out of a pure love for sneakers and the culture that surrounds them. From humble beginnings, with their first store in the 1990’s, they have now grown their place in the sneaker game beyond anyone’s expectations. They have locations in Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, New York, and LA - along with a massive online presence for sneaker lovers everywhere else. SNS is arguably the most influential sneaker entity in the world. Major brands listen them and consumers trust their view on what is authentic, legitimate, and worthy of a second look.

We pinned up this amazing illustration, by Dan Freebalm, showing the breadth of the collaborations Peter and Eric have created over the years. These collabs have paved the way for them shaping the sneaker world that we know today. I met these boys around the turn of the century and was involved in some of the early collabs on that list. Each experience was pure joy. No attitudes, always humble, and dedicated to simply making great sneakers. Global domination couldn’t be in the hands of better dudes.

We are thrilled to have SNS as the very first retail partner of the Alma Mater brand. Products are available starting in the fall of 2019 and there is some pretty cool stuff on the way. Would love to think that we could fill some of the slots in the next row of their collab illustration in the near future. Stay Tuned.

Eric Sarin
Founder, Alma Mater