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696 by Alex Rodriguez

It’s not only about the numbers in baseball, business, or life. Hitting 696 HR’s is worthy of the 4th best of all-time and is a story in itself. By not chasing 700 Alex Rodriquez set himself up to remain a Yankee for life. The number 696 represents choosing to do the right thing for the right reasons. The 696 by Alex Rodriguez collection celebrates character and never forgetting where you're from.

Be yourself. Genuine always plays. Your style. Your Voice. Your passion. This truth is the ultimate source of confidence.

Never forget where you're from. Your roots speak to who you are at the core. Your journey is like no other. Embrace it.

Spend time focused on the things you love. Decide for yourself the goals and pursuits that are important.

Constantly evolve. You are not defined by your current role in life. You can always change and become the perfect version of yourself.

Family first. Nothing is more important than those you call family. Fight for them. Believe in them. Dedicate a majority or your time and energy to them.
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